FireflyDAO: Welcome to the Real World of Defi…

We are excited about the upcoming soft launch a new Defi 2.0 platform in the coming days.

The existing Presale that is running will end on 28th Feb 2022.

We will launch on March 5th. The Firefly DAO team is funding this project 95% ourselves. We started with an IDO for customers to buy pre-sale tokens at low priced valuations, instead, gave an equal opportunity to provide liquidity with whitelisting opportunities.

But the recent rugpulls in the crypto world had scared the investors and we didn’t have enough investors, and hence we planned to fund this project 95% ourself including the low presale amount.

As we expand, we are also looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you have experience as a developer, marketer or social media expert and are interested in joining our mission, please message us. We have a few open positions and are always looking to add high quality talent.

On the surface, we may look similar to Titano; our interface and protocols will be similar, as they have been time tested and proven to work. Our underlying goal is to keep it simple. Our focus is executing on a vision to leverage the protocol developed by Titano to create long term, sustainable wealth for all. This goes beyond just staking and earning high APY rewards, although we do that too!

There are countless forks of Titano. Most of these projects have no differentiated vision and many of their creators lack an understanding of the protocol’s limitations. Simply put, if the only value proposition is the promise of a high APY that will continue forever, then that doesn’t work in the real world.

Stop to do the math. Unlimited high APY is unsustainable, and we all know it. Otherwise every DAO would have a trillion dollar market cap within a year or two — and we all know that is unreasonable. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all build significant wealth on this journey.

At Firefly DAO, our goal is to build long term sustainable wealth. To execute on this vision, we believe the reality of an eventual significant decrease or end to the high staking APY is a factor that needs to be considered. High APYs will continue for those in the early phases, and enormous wealth abounds for those of you who take the red pill and come with us on this journey. For this protocol to prevail over the long term, we need more than APY. This is where Firefly DAO comes in.

Members also earn gains through strategic use of the Treasury for acquisitions that can expand the platform as well as using a small portion of the Treasury to invest like a crypto venture fund. In this way, all of the members of Firefly DAO can participate in early stage, highly vetted crypto projects that have huge wealth creation potential. The value created through these strategic initiatives goes back to the Treasury, which increases the intrinsic value backing each Firefly token.




The Ultimate Automatic Staking Cryptocurrency, just buy, hold and see your portfolio grow. Earn Up To: 250K % APY! Website:

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Firefly Dao Capital

Firefly Dao Capital

The Ultimate Automatic Staking Cryptocurrency, just buy, hold and see your portfolio grow. Earn Up To: 250K % APY! Website:

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